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Carsick Cars

by Carsick Cars

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他把胳膊都给捐了 他把脑袋也给捐了 然后他就戴上一顶小黄帽 他就成了志愿的人 他把财产都给捐了 他把老婆孩子都给捐了 然后他就戴上一顶小黄帽 他就成了志愿的人 然后他就戴上一顶小黄帽 他就成了志愿的人
Gun 05:17
my body shakes my teeth are fake i touch her legs she's feeling good (x4) cause of all the sins and the cocain, cocaine, cocaine, cocaine
Mo Gu 03:05 video
他说他要上 他说他要上 上山采蘑菇 上山采蘑菇 村长向他收了 十朵鲜艳的蘑菇 村长向他收了 十朵鲜艳的蘑菇 他鲜艳的蘑菇 变成了红色的蘑菇 他鲜艳的蘑菇 变成了红色的蘑菇
中南海,中南海 中南海,中南海 中南海,中南海 中南海,中南海 中南海,中南海 抽烟只抽中南海 中南海,中南海 生活离不开中南海 中南海,中南海 生活离不开中南海 中南海,中南海 中南海,中南海 中南海,中南海 谁抽了我的中南海
Hou Dao 03:33
他说做人一定要厚道 他说做人一定要低调 他说做人一定要保持贞操 这样我们才能解决你的温饱 这就是我们坚持的调调 (x4)
Xiong Mao 06:07
熊猫想把眼圈摘除掉 熊猫想要一张美丽的彩照 熊猫的小愿望 是他纯洁纯洁的情操 熊猫的小愿望 他想变的和你们不一样 熊猫想把竹子全部都吃掉 熊猫想要一次完美的性交 熊猫的小愿望 他不想再被迫与你性交 熊猫的小愿望 他想变得和你们不一样
Guang Chang 05:50
他整夜的坐在广场里面 等待着他的救星出现 他也许就站在你的面前 注视着你成长的一切 这是一个没有希望的广场 这是一个没有希望的广场 这是一个没有希望的广场 这是一个没有希望的广场 广场上曾经奔跑的青年 如今已经失去了他们的信念 而你整夜的坐在广场里面 等待黑夜吞噬你的一切 这是一个没有希望的广场 这是一个没有希望的广场 这是一个没有希望的广场 这是一个没有希望的广场
Re Shen 03:09
i wish i could sleep with a fucking crazy dream i walking around after blue speed but you don't wanna tell me walker walker, please tell me walker walker, you don't know (x2) i wish i could sleep with a fucking crazy dream i walking around after blue speed but you don't wanna tell me walker, walker, please tell me walker, walker, you don't know (x2) sixty million people can be wrong (x4) walker walker, please tell me waklker walker, you don't know (x2)
He Sheng 03:39
it was late at night, and all the people going back to their hole walking down the street he talked to me just like crazy, real loud he said this is all about your dreams you should fight all the time and he was the only one who wasn't scared to fall apart hey, johnny, he doesn't want to, he wants to be a rock and roll hero (x4)
Hui Shou 12:23
他说他要上路了 他只带足了干粮 他说这世界只剩下金钱 他看穿了所有的假面 他在路上遇到了危险 歹徒拿刀逼在他的脸 可他身上除了干粮没有钱 于是歹徒给了他一刀 鲜血沾满了他的脚面 (x4) 梦中他说他要山路了 可他在路上遇到了危险 可他身上除了干粮没有钱 于是歹徒给了他一刀 鲜血沾满了他的脚面 (x4)


Carsick Cars was formed in March, 2005, when Shou Wang, a student at the Beijing Institute of Technology, met Li Weisi and Li Qing at the rehearsal space of mutual friends. By May they had performed their first concert at a party for a small group of friends and by the end of the year were performing in Beijing clubs. Their first CD was recorded in the spring of 2007 and was produced by legendary P.K.14 frontman Yang Haisong.

Their sound, influenced by the drone of Velvet Underground, Suicide and Sonic Youth as well as by the textures and structures of Steve Reich and Glenn Branca, is a combination of brilliantly-textured roar and hard open chords that are used to explore and tear apart their beautifully crafted songs. Amidst the explosive noise and feedback it sometimes takes a while to realize how well they write songs, although this has not been lost on the many Beijing musicians who are their fans – Carsick Cars is probably the underground band in China whose songs are most often performed by other local bands.

As befits what is one of the most admired Chinese underground bands in the world, Carsick Cars has performed widely in China and abroad. They have filled clubs in all the major cities in China and, in August and September of 2007, Sonic Youth, who has called them their favorite band in China, asked Carsick Cars to tour with them in Europe.

Following their London show, the band was invited to perform at the Steirischer Herbst Festival in Austria in October 2007, and at All Tomorrow’s Parties in London in May 2008.

Along with their band, the members of Carsick Cars have been very active in a number of other music projects. Shou Wang is a founding member of experimental duo White, whose first CD was produced by Einstürzende Neubauten founder Blixa Bargeld in Berlin in May 2007. In February 2006 he performed on the recording of Glenn Branca’s Symphony 13, and has performed several times with composers Elliott Sharp and Alvin Curran. In July 2007 after performing at a festival in New York he was asked to join These are Powers in the recording of their second CD. Li Qing and Li Weisi are founding members of rock trio Snapline, whose debut album was produced by PiL drummer Martin Atkins for his Invisible Records label. They have both performed with Pigface and as part of White. In addition Li Qing has performed with Elliott Sharp.


released February 28, 2018

Producer: Yang Haisong (from P.K.14)


all rights reserved



Maybe Mars Beijing, China

Recording our time. (2007 - now)


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