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Hey, Youth!

by Liu Kun

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若是你在三国 你是周瑜或是诸葛 若是你在三国 谁的谋略你视为上策 若是你在三国 快意恩仇胸怀广阔 若是你在三国 你将天下如何分割 只是你在中国 在当今强大的中国 你的工具和你的谋略 远比三国要多 只是你的胸怀能否比得上诸葛 只是在当今中国 你怎么能将天下分割 Translation: If you were in the Three Kingdoms You would be Zhou Yu or Zhuge Liang If you were in the Three Kingdoms Whose strategy would you regard as the best one? If you were in the Three Kingdoms You should be broad-minded to face satisfaction, grace and enmity If you were in the Three Kingdoms How would you distribute the state-power? But when you are in China The present powerful China Your instruments and strategies Far surpass those you had in the Three Kingdoms The only thing is your lack of broadness to be like Zhuge But when you are in China How are you able to share the state-power?
Nothing 05:37
如果你的爱人睡在晚风里放一块糖在她攥紧的手中 或者打开她爱听的音乐 声音划过指尖如果你的母亲睡在沙发上给她盖一条最柔软的毯子或者泡一杯热茶 放在一旁 不要叫醒他 他醒来之后会微笑 不要叫醒他 他醒来之后会微笑如果你的女儿在你怀里睡着了 帮她把头发别到耳后 轻轻的抱着她在晚风中摇晃 不要把她放回小床上 如果有人在舞台上睡着了 紧紧的搂着他的琴睡着了 请不要关掉灯光 也不要鼓掌 不要叫醒他 他醒来之后会微笑 不要叫醒他 他醒来之后会微笑 Tanslation: If your lover falls asleep in the night breeze Squeeze a candy into her clenched hand Or turn on her favorite music And let it run through her fingers If your mother falls asleep on the couch Cover the softest quilt for her Or make a cup of hot tea And put it beside her Don’t wake her up She will smile when she’s awake Don’t wake her up She will smile when she’s awake If your daughter falls asleep in your arms Pin her hair behind the ears Hold her gently and sway in the night breeze Don’t get her back into the cot If someone falls asleep on the stage Holding her guitar tightly Please don’t turn off the light Nor applaud Don't wake her up She will smile when she’s awake Don’t wake her up She will smile when she’s awake
Grimace 06:29


Liu Kun, born in Zhelaizhai county after the 1980s, firmly believes that he is the descendent of a Roman soldier, who was besieged with his army during a war in Zhelaizhai two thousand years ago. He often dreams of himself being a soldier, raising his sword on a running horse, breaking open a way through brambles and thorns, however, wakes up to find his arms painful and aching, realizes that all was nothing but a dream. Anyway, he isn’t bothered by the mysteries of his DNA at all, because he finds art more fascinating. As a little boy in a town, he was never too eager to show himself by dancing, singing and playing drums and guitars, despite the rough stage of that little shabby theater. There he would feel like being in a dream once the lights were on. Years later, he went to Lanzhou for further education, and that was a university. He soon became a sincere and dedicated lover to drama, joining the school drama troupe, writing plays and acting on stage, he was full of energy to lead his company to success. And quite out of expectancy, a feature program was made for this energetic young man by the local TV station. Anyway, he isn’t bothered by this issue at all. It is the parents who were worried: Will you study ,study, or study?

When graduation time drew near, he encountered a life-long buddy: Rock. Moved by his braveness, purity, and persistence, he followed this buddy onto the road of music, and realized that music is connected with soul. He established the band ‘Rust on the lip’ in 2003, which then got the present name, ‘Low Wormwood’, and became the lead singer. Every year he leads his band for a tour around China and has made several albums: <The absinthe>, <Low Wormwood>, <Upstream of Yellow River>, and <We can’t help kissing each other>. He plays football during part time, meets friends and makes plan for art exhibitions. Cooperated with the Barn Gallery in Lanzhou, he held a modern art exhibition called ‘Replacement’ in 2007, in which his works ‘Sound field in Lanzhou’ and ‘Talk’ were displayed, together with the works of Wang Dong, a young artist. He also planned an art exhibition of sound and devices in 2009.


released March 1, 2010


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Maybe Mars Beijing, China

Recording our time. (2007 - now)


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