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Zoomin' Night Live Recording Vol. 1

by Various Artists

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儿子哭,老子笑 就让洪亮的笑声飘荡在每一面国旗之下 啊…… 哈哈哈哈哈
实验的危险 就是一切都会消失不见 实验的危险 就是制作不同的军舰 实验的危险 就是你口袋没有钱 实验的危险 就是混成所有的回声 回声 回声 实验的危险 就是一切都会消失不见 实验的危险 你每天的单行线 实验的危险 就是飞出高塔的烟 实验的危险就是混成所有的回声 回声 回声 或许是延朝阳路一直向东 略过快速公交的每一站 红色蓝色的胖等车人 向东 一直向东 在他们的中心区东边 在他们的大学东边 在还有老式红色大门的消防中队东边 在曾经的纺织厂电线厂供暖所东边 出五环后路的两边是卖旧衣服和新鲜羊肉的店 越过他们 越过他们 越过他们 直到你看到美廉美 对 过了它再进入那条斜的小路 寻找斜坡 很大的那个 最宽的那个 上了那个斜坡你就站在了药厂的门口 这些药厂有白色的高墙 试试看在高墙里面能不能找到回声 或许你已经违反了第43条规则 或许你已经违反了第98条规则 或许是所有的规则 沿着白墙走就无所谓走向哪一边 向前 看看能不能找到那扇门 很破的就快要朽掉的木头门 琢磨是拉开它还是推开它 不可能像公司门口那样写着这两个字中的某一个 进了门或许能看到那片没有波澜的湖水 难道湖水属于周围的那个门口向北的公园 湖面上全都是雾水看不到对岸只有从背后沉默走过的老人 或许这时你就已经能听到回声 却分不清回声来自于湖水还是白色高墙 或许回声就是规则 或许根本就没有规则
在睡眠结束之前,坐在沙发里吃银苹果。 在睡眠结束之前,坐在沙发里吃银苹果。 他说:吃掉它,他说吃掉它。 在睡眠结束之前,坐在沙发里吃银苹果。 在睡眠结束之前,坐在沙发里吃银苹果。 下午两点三十分,跨过Hudson,去New Jersey 在会议开始之后,坐在沙发里吃银苹果。 在会议开始之后,坐在沙发里吃银苹果。 那个衰老的人,说着我听不懂的语言,还有巨大的书,清晰的,模糊的字,我看不清楚。 Oh,what a fuck…
The bodies were outside They'd told you how to be alive To be alive like the Harry the Head in your heart To be alive as they told,as they told They sprawled their legs on the sills of the windows They pressed their faces inside yours They'd told you how to do when they wanted to meet you But they always cheat you as they told,as they told The highbinder gave you chances,the lowrider would run over them up But they stabbed your bosom and consciousness directly They kissed off the soul of you,the kiss of death of you So you couldn't find the entrence of the trade The graves around your house of them were the hotbed they slept away They dug it themselves and they dug at you Then they told you how to do,as the first time they wanted you Then they told you how to do,they told you how to do The last rememberance of you was they came to meet you The last scene of the story was the assimilation The fairy tale ended with the runaway of the binder 'Cause you did it as the crabber,and not did it as they told


They love giving impromptu shows on Tuesday nights.
They love playing in unconventional configurations.
They love making sounds out of anything they can carry onto the stage.
They love unpredictable musical performances.
They love making one song constantly became another.
They love the Zoomin’ Night.

Zoomin’ Night - the name of a song by P.K. 14 - is also a series of shows of experimental music / noise rock held every Tuesday at D-22 in Beijing. It was inspired by other experimental music series such as the Waterland Kwanyin, Sugarjar Sunday Listen-ing and Sheng Dong Ji Xi. Reflecting the type of music they create, most of the Zoomin’ Night participants are creative and young musicians. They arrange sounds, start new bands and re-group constantly. They have found a home at D-22 and profess to draw their inspiration from Beijing’s energetic cacophony.

In January 2010, Yang Haisong came to D-22 to record all their live shows that month. Most of the bands re-corded were newly formed in 2009. Maybe Mars se-lected 9 songs from the recordings, putting them into a compilation. Additionally, buyers can download 32 addi-tional tracks with a download-code enclosed in each CD.

On November 19-20, 2010 the premiere of this com-pilation album was held at D-22. There were 8 groups of performers including: noise rock, psychedelic rock, post-punk, minimalism, improvisation, and synthesizer mu-sic. Most of the performers are included in this album.

The Zoomin’ Night on November 23th was the official “af-ter party” for the premiere: five young musicians who took part in the album gave a personal solo performance, ranging from classical music to atmospheric experimen-tal, and from minimal electronic music to industrial jazz.


released October 1, 2010

recorded at D-22 Zoomin' Night shows between December of 2009 to January of 2010. No editing.
Producer: Yang Haisong
Recorded by Yang Haisong and Liu Yike
Mixed and Mastered by Yang Haisong
Cover designed by Lin Yanzhu


all rights reserved



Maybe Mars Beijing, China

Recording our time. (2007 - now)


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