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Heart of Desire


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FAZI 03:00
不需要明白 只用聆听 每天对着镜子 都是一样的脸 记录自己故事 不需要怀疑 只用继续 这是新的开始 沉默带走恐惧 时间遗忘自己 看沧海一粟我们只是过客 不会成为任何的附属 没有什么比这感觉更好 我们创造属于自己的美妙 看沧海一粟我们只是过客 不会成为任何的附属 没有什么比这感觉更好 我们创造属于内心的美妙
不停跑别回头 欲望追在身后 不停追别停下 伤口也是匕首 不停跑别回头 欲望追在身后 好奇是死的入口 不停追别停下 伤口也是匕首 欲望是停的理由 不停跑别停下 不停跑别停下 不停  欲望之心是死的理由 欲望之心  欲望之心 欲望之心 欲望之心
Ma Yang 03:42
终于到了世界另一边 可你在哪里?   你在哪里? 透过风告诉我  穿过时间 才是答案 终于到了时间另一边 可你在哪里?   你在哪里? 透过风触摸 一闪而过 只是幻象 一闪而过的地方 瞬间回忆变幻想 一闪而过的地方 瞬间回忆变幻象 一闪而过 马养 瞬间回忆变幻想 一闪而过 马养 瞬间回忆变幻象
天空出现太阳 但这不是希望 闭上眼 感受光亮 现在过的就是 余生最年轻的一天 余生中 最美妙的一天 梦境自溺的遗忘 改变冒险的方向 人生就像太阳总有起伏 别忘了还有驱散不了的雾
Lies in Lies 06:50
是否 用谎言才能把你的谎言撕碎 露出圣洁的脸 是否 用谎言才能填补你破碎的脸 谎言中谎言 此刻你不能进入 不能进入他人的身体 随心所欲 此刻你不能主宰 不能主宰他人的生活 永远不是你的 是否 用谎言才能把你的谎言撕碎 露出圣洁的脸 是否 用谎言才能填补你破碎的脸 谎言中谎言   时间之水将我们淹没  爱就是 就是谎言中谎言 心脏充满了悲伤的血液 感觉离自由越来越远
纯净自内心 自然并崇敬 多想拥抱你 风景已逝去 是否被驯服 才能变幸福 多想拥抱你 风景已逝去
Ninja 06:23
一阵浪把所有打翻  怪力乱神 吉光片羽 保卫的人 一阵浪把所有打翻  怪力乱神 吉光片羽 保卫陌生的人 临兵斗者 阵列在前 临兵斗者 阵列在前 临兵斗者 阵列在前 临兵斗者皆阵列在前
Eat the Hate 04:34
他愿陪你说话 也陪你沉默 发生的事在梦里出现过 过不了多久 变得陌生 永远不变和你看过的风景 把恨吃掉 去把恨吃掉 不属于你的 悲欢离合 把恨吃掉 去把恨吃掉 他说 这不是你的 去把恨吃掉 发生的事在梦里出现过 去把恨吃掉 永远不变和你看过的风景 把恨吃掉 去把恨吃掉 不属于你的 悲欢离合 把恨吃掉 去把恨吃掉 他说 这不是你的 把恨吃掉 你把恨吃掉 把恨吃掉 去把恨吃掉 把恨吃掉 去把恨吃掉 他说 这不是你的


Heart of Desire, which will be released on July 18, 2017, is FAZI's third full-length studio album.

The recording process for this album was quite special; the band prefers to call it a "project" rather than an "album". Heart of Desire is a record from the road: during the 2016 release tour for FAZI's second album, The Root of Innocence, the band selected five cities on their 43-city tour schedule in which to record the tracks featured here. Performing at livehouses across China by night, working on the new album material by day, FAZI spent four months putting together Heart of Desire, laying down the material at makeshift recording studios in Taipei, Xiamen, Dalian, Wuhan, and Xi'an. The band also invited five very different musicians to collaborate on the process, resulting in this distinctive new album.

The theme of Heart of Desire is time; compared with FAZI's previous releases, it's not the beat itself, but the entire musical atmosphere that is pulled and stretched wide, like a heart doing everything it can to bring back distant memories, or like the sensation of a deep dive underwater. Desire, lies, love and hate, tolerance, memory and forgetting — these are the themes presented on the album. Like FAZI's previous material, these songs are "the youngest songs from the rest of life," — their blunt directness has not faded one bit.

FAZI's music hopes to bring you back to life. They've arranged thick and deep, graceful, velvety sounds to adorn this album, pairing emotionally moving vocals with rolling rhythms that rush from the heart of stirring melodies. Their unique ability is to give their audience a sensation of being able to instantly hear the intimate traces of private life. But it is not about selfishness or solipsistic reverie, but rather creating a larger self-image within, drawing you into their own lives and sharing their experiences with the listener.

In the end, Heart of Desire is a record that responds to the flow of time, holding fast to the first appearance of life. Desire is both the arrow and the target, moving back and forth between the two; time gives every fantasy substance in an unending stream, and in the distance delivers an unending flow of flourishing prosperity.


released July 18, 2017

All lyrics and songs are by Liu Peng, arranged by Fazi
Vocal and guitar overdub at Psychic Kong, Beijing
Sound engineer: Yang Haisong
Producer: Yang Haisong
Mastering: Henrik Jonsson (master of audio)
Cover art designer: Huo Wenjie (Dooo Design Studio)
Special thanks to: Liao Yiming, Huang Xiaohui and Disco rabbit


all rights reserved



Maybe Mars Beijing, China

Recording our time. (2007 - now)


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