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by Run Run Run

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Run 06:00 video
7P47DZZ 06:54 video
治愛麗絲 7P47DZZ 作曲:Run Run Run 作詞:趙凱 Is this a dream? Seems not Alright, let’s do it Well I see everybody’s here now It's Alice Listen, I ain't got much time so let's get this done alright? Alice who you ask? I'll tell you Alice who I'm in a place they call paradise river It sounds nice but basically prison rehab Yes, I'm your favorite prisoner of the drug jihad now you get the idea but didn't see that coming did you? A name like Alice? Like I'm in some kind of wonderland, powderland Estée Lauder land, holiday chowder land Anyway, it's about street names if you wanna go down to Sanlitun to find something decent for your veins you'll need street names decency, that's not what brought me here that's not what brought all of us here IN THE WALLS I heard they are gonna tear them down and put those micro walls on each and everyone oh who gives two flying rats about walls they already fucked us up with shopping malls you see I always carry a couple of fruits A couple of fruits for a couple of friends A couple of friends on a couple of weekends Talking about my friends Now how hard they’ve tried Our conversations usually went like this "you want a pear, or an orange?" "I'm good." "But fruits are good for you." "And drugs are bad for you" "Exactly, now don't take that syringe Go ahead and maybe take this fuzzbox and take me too." Yeah i give i give i always do I give But I don’t think I have anything to give you now But I give. I know I gave. I always do But I’m in the fucking walls. I have nothing I don’t know what to give you I give I give I always do Now my time's almost up Let's do a little number game shall we? Gonna be fun Here goes... I was 1 hour late for a 2 hour practice (See that? We got 1 and 2) I hadn't taken a shower in about 3 weeks (Now we’re counting up) 4 coppers showed up at my place (Oooh that sounds bad) For 5 milliliters of my urine (I managed to get away twice maybe) I passed out for 6 hours in the toilet stall (Sorry for the waiting friend) 7 pea porridge to keep me from death (See I wasn’t exactly looking for destruction) I saved up 8 grand a year for crystal Meth (Now that’s a bad one) I've used up my 9 lives (Tells its own story) And see you all in about 10 months (Round it up) 7 PEAS FOR 7 DISEASES A COUPLE OF YEARS FOR A COUPLE OF HABITS
Audi 05:12
Audi 作曲:Run Run Run 作詞:赵凯 Cruising Audi Riding authority Got a big shot daddy Can't afford to mess with me, can you? Traffic anarchist Bleeding masochist My lanes are the fastest My reign is not resisted, is it? My time's time your time's shit My life's life your life's shit There’s a lot of sixes and eights on my plate There's no rules or lines in my case
Upland Electronic 作曲:Run Run Run
5G 04:05
5G 作曲:Run Run Run
Rewind 06:06
Rewind 作曲:Run Run Run
Heart Beats Funny 作曲:Run Run Run 作詞:赵凯 Let me tell you something I been through I'm gonna tell you one and you'll get two It's kind of medical it's kind of blue So when you get in better take your mind with you My heart beats funny It starts from my left chest and ends in my head It gets me everywhere in or out of my bed The world seemed new I can't tell who's who It's like an invitation to a party gnawed to womb My heart beats funny
Punk 03:21
Punk 作曲:Run Run Run


After their debut release, Hoon, in 2019, Run Run Run have established themselves as one of the most exciting psychedelic groups in China. Returning a year later with their self-titled follow-up to that earlier release, Run Run Run feel relaxed and more than willing to mess with the formula set out on their debut.

With their second release, Run Run Run, the group come back with something totally different, which, given their propensity for exploration, fans shouldn’t really be surprised by. If anything, Hoon gave us the sense that Xiao Dou and his bandmates are happiest and at their best when experimenting with new sonic ideas.

While Hoon bore the hallmarks of gothic southern and tropical landscapes, owing to the fact that many of the songs had been written during band leader Xiao Dou’s time living in Guizhou province, Run Run Run kicks into gear with something quite unexpected, a spoken word anthem with jangly guitars supporting reverberating vocals from Zhao Kai.

The music on Run Run Run has the tendency to cut cleaner and more direct than Hoon. The guitar lines are more direct, and on tracks like 7P47DZZ, Run Run Run sound more like The Fall with their plain-stated, albeit sardonic, songs, rather than the idiosyncratic aestheticism of The Velvet Underground, whose 1967 track gave the band their name.

One of the other big changes on this new record is the broad use of keyboard synthesizers from Xiao Wen and Xiao Dou which sometimes sound like organs within the absurd atmospherics of the album’s tracks, although at other times they are in place merely to provide an electrified backdrop.

On Audi, we open with organs played amid a heavy, heaving atmosphere. The vocals come in and give the game away, with Zhao Kai doing his best baritone and further establishing the insidious nature of the track. The combination of these three effects could very easily result in something altogether too kitsch, but Run Run Run make it work, make it, in many ways, majestic and cinematic.

Add to that the impression that this album was made with the trappings of modern life in mind (see song titles like 5G and 电山 or Electric Mountain for reference) and there’s a sense that the addition of these widely used synthesizers, alongside what you might term as a motor guitar line, is in itself a sardonic comment on the state of the world, worthy of The Fall.

For a band who have ostensibly dwelt so much on nature, on the psychedelic wonders hidden in the Guizhou countryside, this sense of rumination on the electric devices that have come to spoil the idea of wilderness, and of intentionally getting lost, makes sense. 5G at times buzzes with a building current of static noise reminiscent of David Bowie’s Heroes. It serves as an astute sonic addition to a guitar line that seems to be seeking for something, and, as such, serves as a reminder of the electronica and hardware that we can no longer escape from in the modern world. There’s something melancholic to the track, despite its buoyancy, built on the back of these wondrous guitars and the Bowie referencing static.

It’s also testament to the group’s own dealings with modern life, an outline of which comes in accompaniment to the release of the first single off Run Run Run. Speaking to the music and the music video for Dictated H, the group writes about the mundanity of their day-to-day lives, in which they think about Cantopop and how to make their songs heavier in the brief moments of decompression and calm after work.

While Run Run Run remain as full of surprises and open to new musical ideas as they ever have been, on this album their ability to play with ideas and to create witty commentary on modern life once again comes to the fore.


released November 11, 2020

Song by Run Run Run
Lyrics by Zhao Kai
Recorded and produced by: Yang Haisong


all rights reserved



Maybe Mars Beijing, China

Recording our time. (2007 - now)


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