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Wet Hearts & Dry Vomit

by The Bedstars

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Jack R
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Jack R Too many good tracks to choose from, but Before and After and Rock and Roll Dehydrated me are some of my favs. Classic garage punk album from front to back. I’m in love with the indie scene coming out of China, and Maybe Mars never disappoints. MUST LISTEN AT FULL VOLUME WITH A BEER IN YOUR HAND Favorite track: Before And After.
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I'll Try 03:47
I'll know you'll cry, I know you'll sigh I know when you see me you just wanna hide You think I'm a clown, you think I'm mad Well I’m just the dainty that goes bad fast I’ll try to mess up your mind I’ll try to wipe out your kind Aren't you living like a Barbie Doll? It makes me laugh the way you talk You get up at six, and sleep at ten Come on baby this is all in vain Now you are knocking on heaven's door While I am here on hell's floor I don't wanna hear so don't explain I'll go crazy baby you stay sane
54 02:55
7,8,9,10 Jack the ripper killed the queen You’d better be all ears to listen You don't bury the dead Better shoot them in the head In the night they'll crawl into your bed Clubs spades diamonds & hearts Now you've got no cards Clubs spades diamonds & hearts You wonder what they are From dusk till dawn Every step you took so wrong It's no good you keep betting around Everywhere you make deals See no other people steal But still you don’t care about your next meal 54, you want some more Your wife is whore and you are a bore Remember you swore, the rules are raw But now you can't believe the truth no more
Booze Hound 05:06
Will you give me some cause I’ll ask for more Just bring the the beers and close the door Guess I gotta think less and drink more ‘cause the gang is inside just started the night I love it when you turn into a thieve Just take me right into your sleeve Look at your face it’s so full of grace Tell me you won’t shrink in any case But if I fall into unconsciousness Just give me a bath of beer and whiskey If I fall down and I die You know there is a medicine that’ll make me alive again I can hear the clock is ticking I can feel my stomach kicking If I puke it’s nothing new If I get drunk just put me in the trunk I really want that magic water Being conscious is such a torture I feel so dry I feel so thirsty Give some to kill my misery
Never knew the feeling of refusing an offer of beer Whether Qingdao Yanjing I'll turn them all into my tears Crying out like the blooming of humulus lupulus flower My veins are vines that are fruiting grapes that ain't so sour One I’m still up, two I’m going down, Three four five six I’ll lose the count Do what is right, I gotta do what is wrong, There’s no right or wrong in the Dionysus song See you come around, carry a lot in your back But you look so upside down, head in your shoes and feet in your hat Your bike is faster than a rocket it doesn't even matter Hit someone and give me a hug and a little more chatter Your vision is narrow, but your mind is wide, Swimming to me with spiritual tide Your heart goes wet, vomit goes dry, God ain't gonna stop you from getting high Where you gonna be 3rd circle of hell Where we gonna meet 3rd circle of hell What’s it gonna be 3rd circle of hell Let’s meet there now Hearing a sound in the bottles to drag us really down Down down down down down to just another round We serve our gods by drinking our own kind of water But your god is sending us deep down there for torture Jim’s already there, Shane is on his way It’s the place to be, let's meet there someday Don’t need to worry a thing, just hear the hell bell ring Our fatal sin is the action called drink
Girl I’ve told you a thousand times You are too good to play with me Say maybe love filled your mind But guess what! it's not the way i be You ain't got the eyes to see You ain't got the ears to hear Girl you'll end up drowning in you tears You light the match i detonate the bomb You tell the truth i make a con Together we made the fire burn But I’m the kind that never learns You’d rather cry than fly I’d rather lie than cry Can’t you see we can never make this right Girl you are not my love you are my desire I tried so hard walking on your wire Now you gatta stop calling me the liar Cause now you are all over my wire You’re walking on my wire
I put on my lorica and take my sword I will be afraid if the monsters roar But I wanna be a dinosaur rider for you I will keep my brave look in your mind I will drink your blood just like wine 'cause i wanna be a dinosaur rider for you I wanna ride a dinosaur to your door Well I’ll take the bite, survive the night Kill my way back one day I don’t care if you are aware I need no help all by myself When the dawn breaks I have to go To the jungle where the dinosaurs roam 'cause I wanna be a dinosaur rider for you I wanna ride a dinosaur to your door though you love me no more I don’t care if you are aware Need no help all by myself I’ll take the bite, survive the night Kill my way back one day I wanna be a dinosaur rider for you
You seem like a pretty good little man A pair of platforms, so high you stand When you play that thing Nineteen years old, so wild and bold A Les Paul Junior, pretty TV yellow When you play that thing You are so in love and you hurt yourself But you beat a million with no help When you play that thing Sun goes up Sun goes down You are biggest junkie in town When you play that thing Hey you little man Didn’t she give you a chance? Oh my little man You just play it for the kids to dance When you play that thing Now you play that thing Go play it! Jerry and Walter, Billy and you Going steady but born to lose When you play that thing Little man where have you been Why did you choose New Orleans When you play that thing
How you break my heart How I play guitar How you sing the song How I put you down I travel all the way down to Hong Kong I search around the world to see what's wrong How you say about love How you go as you come How you break my heart How I play guitar If you are gonna throw me into the fire Why bother help me out of the ice You are just another girl With millions of your kind in the world I don’t give a fuck How you play my heart How I break guitar How I sing the song How you put me down
Before and after Pleasure gone faster Maybe harder maybe softer It’s always the same work Here I come There I go Turn on the lights And finish the show But girl I got a switch in my mind When it’s on, I got beast in my pants And it’s off once I had my time All of sudden I feel like piss and shit Hunger and thirst They come in the same way Get you tight and loose everyday
Waking up wanting a sea of water Feeling like a cactus in a dying desert I’m the smart crow but I got no beak I got seven hangovers in a row for a week Rock n Roll dehydrated me Mama’s so angry and daddy went crazy My girl is freaking out frequently on me Cause I’m flirting too loud, ‘cause I’m fucking about I must’ve been flirting too loud and fucking about I hate drinking But drinking loves me
“Do you love me?” “Do I love you? No, I don’t.” “Do you wanna fuck me?” “Do I wanna fuck you? Yes I do.” Now I am feeling like a bedstar But you are calling me a bastard


released July 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Maybe Mars Beijing, China

Recording our time. (2007 - now)


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